Building Bright Futures

 Lehi Girls Basketball provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to our student athletes. 

WE are a program that inspires each other through SPIRIT, HUSTLE, COMMUNICATION, PRECISION, ENHANCEMENT, and processes that create CONFIDENCE. We believe in handling all situations good or bad with integrity, honor, and class. We believe in inspiring each other in a way that leads to INCREASED TRUST IN RELATIONSHIPS. We believe the ultimate key to success is developing a team that possesses great CONFIDENCE in everything it does. 

We praise and celebrate failure because it stretches us outside our comfort zones. We don’t focus on our record, but instead our DAILY ACTIONS. We understand our spirit, hustle, communication, precision, enhancement, and confidence are ALWAYS in our control. We appreciate the commitment our coaches, parents, players, and community showcase during the off-season and regular season. Our overall goal is always to become THE BEST of which we are capable of as a TEAM.

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